HHS 2200 Series Sirens

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Windows® based program allows full custom setup configuration of each of the 12 buttons to control desired light and siren functions from this compact hand held controller with built-in microphone. Moisture-resistant controller features twelve rubberized, backlit push buttons including progressive three-position push button lighting control that mimics typical slide-switch operations. The unit is microprocessor controlled and rated for one or two 100-watt speakers. Compact control is ideal for multiple applications including undercover vehicles and vehicles with limited interior space.

• Hand held Siren/Light control with built-in microphone.
• Hands free siren control via horn ring or foot switches.
• Twelve illuminated push buttons, programmable to selected outputs.
• Green backlighting, switch turns red when activated.
• User selected switch labels.
• Progressive three position push buttons replace slide switch for lighting control.
• Meets Class A requirements of SAE, AMECA, KKK1822 and California Title XIII specifications.
• Operates one or two 100-watt speakers.
• Wail, Yelp, Piercer, Manual Siren and Airhorn tones preset standard
• 37 total tones to choose from, including mechanical siren tones.
• All functions are programmed via simple "pick and click, or drag" screens.
• Windows® based, XP or later operating system required.
• USB input from PC or laptop makes programming easy.
• Unidirectional microphone overrides all siren functions.
• Adjustable (preset) microphone and radio repeat volume.
• Nine 10-amp outputs.
• External spade-type fuses.
• 6' coiled cord microphone cable.
• 20' Interconnect cable.
• HHS2100 backward compatible.