NFPA Edge® Freedom® IV F4N Low Current DYAD™ Series Linear Super-LED®


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Whelen's new Freedom® IV Series features advanced Linear Super-LED® optics, all new DYAD™ two level technology, and 360° of contiguous light

DYAD™ two level technology allows for individual control of each level of each lighthead.
• Center dividers with LIM (Liquid Injection Molded) seals protect internal components from water infiltration.
• Each model has one or two sealing points, assuring lightbar integrity in all weather conditions
• Hard-coated lenses minimize environmental damage from sand, sun, salt, and road chemicals.
• 100% solid-state electronics.
• Extruded aluminum platform.
• Whelen's Collimator™ patented optic design provides unbeaten light output.
• Corner modules available in "V End" or "Square End".
• 12 Flash patterns.
• Clear outer lenses, optional color filters
• Permanent mount.
• Available in 55" (140cm), 60" (152mm), 72" (183mm), 81" (206cm), and 92" (234cm) lengths.
• Five year warranty.

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